About the South Suburbs Officials Association

Who We Are

SSOA is a high school officials organization in the South Suburbs of Chicago. We have over 190 members, many who have officiated at the State Finals.

  • To recruit and mentor new officials
  • Develop positive relations with other officials
  • Develop officiating skills within our membership
  • Provide feedback to the conferences about their coaches and teams
  • Support and encourage freshman officials
  • Promote good sportsmanship
  • Promote advancement in official ratings and member evaluations


SSOA has several ongoing projects that aim to improve officiating at the high school level


We continue to reward positive sportsmanship exhibited by players, coaches, and fans in games that we officiate. Awards are given out after each season.


A mentoring program is planed for the near future. We will pair more-experienced officials with less-experienced officials in an effort to facilitate the learning process.